My father and I always shared a passion for dogs. Heraldin story started in the 1980's, when my father got our first dog, a lovely English setter male called Poika. Soon after that followed our first female Tuliketun Music of Jug, which bacame our foundation female in English setters. From the first litter was born our little star Heraldin All my loving (Lillan) who grew up to be a beautiful English setter winning BIG and BIS -placements.

My father also bred Miniature Schnauzers (black&silver) and German Pinchers.

My love for sighthounds dates back to the 90s, but unfortunately I never got a chance to get my own. It took twenty years and in 2017 I finally had my dream dog, Corde Forum Romanum, bred by Karolina Szymanska from Poland.

Italian greyhounds are really a perfect breed for me. Their elegant appearance and wonderful character make a perfect companion.

Jukka Ruotsalainen